About CTW

CTW Venture Partners, LLC, a venture capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage entrepreneurs in Atlanta and throughout the southeast, focuses on companies in all industries with patentable, disruptive innovations or technologies, technical expertise, and strong leadership teams.


Palaniswamy Rajan began creating the concept that would become CTW in 2009. The focus on seed and early-stage companies reflects CTW’s philosophy that it is necessary to engage the entrepreneur early in order to have a real impact and help them grow through the stages of building a strong company.


CTW, which stands for Change The World,” said Rajan regarding the genesis of the concept, “will work with entrepreneurs that have the same mindset of changing the world by creating disruptive technologies and innovation. We want to be engaged early to help the entrepreneur grow, leveraging our experience and rolodex to help them to be successful.”

Since his original thesis, Raj has partnered with world class investors to execute on this vision.