Our Philosophy

At CTW, our partners and founders share a single mission: to Change the World. We believe in identifying superior technical founders, then providing the hands­ on guidance to help them navigate crucial early stage business challenges. Our initial investments range from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000—enough to jumpstart a new venture—and we continue to invest over a company’s life cycle. While we consider ourselves active and supportive early­stage investors, our funds maintain the flexibility to provide venture capital across multiple stages.

Many of our founders are launching their first entrepreneurial endeavor.

All of them exhibit seven key characteristics that make them investable:

Global thought leaders in their field of study.

Graduates from globally­ recognized universities.

Building a sustainable and meaningful company culture.

Highly coachable in approach and tactics.

Passionate about Changing the World.

Potential to develop a long­ term relationship with CTW.

Able to recruit teams that fit their culture and vision.

Investment Philosophy

We are leaders, not followers. We believe that financial returns are highly correlated to defendable deep IP that addresses complex technical problems that can scale across markets. We invest in technical risk over market risk, people over product, and size of market over speed to market. Our time and resources are limited. We have chosen to focus them on solving problems that can truly Change the World.